Middle Davids Candles has had the opportunity to work with a number of organizations over the past years. Here is their perspective on the process of working with us:

  • The Lions Cancer Control Fund of Indiana, Inc. has worked with Middle Davids for many years. We are absolutely thrilled with the highest quality, candle products. These candles literally sell themselves. But the rarest jewel of this family business, is the amazing personal dedication to perfection and customer service. The Catlin family truly partners with their fundraising customers and insures their mutual success. We truly appreciate their efforts and expertise.

    Dottie Flack, Lions Liaison Lions Cancer Control Fund of Indiana, Inc.
  • Our best fundraiser ever, greatly exceeded our expectations!

    L. Garcia Marquis of Granby Ancient Fyfe & Drum Corps
  • I can't imagine why everyone wouldn't be working with your program!

    L. Anders People to People Student Ambassadors
  • Sharon Kaiser, a former fifth-grade teacher, is now the coordinator of the Middle Davids schoolwide fundraiser at Clark Pleasant Intermediate School. Packets are sent home the first week of school, orders are taken through Labor Day, and with one hassle-free delivery, Clark Pleasant is finished with fundraising for the entire year. Last fall, students sold $31,000 worth of candles, with 50 percent of that profit going directly back to the students for teaching projects, supplies and more. “We were tired of all the chocolate and wrapping paper, and Dan makes it so easy,” Kaiser says. “I love how he works with the schools, and he’s local. We get good feedback on the fundraiser, because (the candles are) something everyone can use.” Emily Bradley, the music secretary at Franklin Community High School, echoes that praise. “Performing arts programs are very expensive,” she says, “and this is a fantastic fundraiser for the students. (Middle Davids) gives us a good product at a great price. The profit margin is very high, and the customer service is fantastic. They go above and beyond what you’d expect.” (read entire article - click here)

    From an article in South Magazine
  • Middle Davids candles was not only by far the most profitable fundraiser in the history of our program (to the tune of $10,000), but was also one of the most organized and enjoyable experiences. It's great to be able to work with people who pride themselves on customer service and guarantee a quality product. They really care about our students... Middle Davids provided a personalized product to really market our program as well as the candles. Thanks Middle Davids, for your outstanding program and sponsoring our students as they travel! We couldn't have done it without you. We would highly recommend this fundraiser to anyone.

    C. Garber Director of Choirs

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