What makes our fundraisers the best choice for your organization?

Helping your organization succeed has been the heart of our business since we began in 2002, and it still is! Every aspect of our program has been crafted to ensure that your group has the best possible result both now and for the future.

Our candles are hand-poured, all natural soy, in wonderful fragrances and beautiful colors. They sell for $22 in stores, already a better price than our national brand competition, which typically sells for $25. You set the price for your fundraiser, but most groups sell them for $22 each, which means that your customers know they are getting a fair deal while helping your organization.

Because your customers will enjoy burning their candles, you can return year after year and develop repeat customers. Unlike food items which are typically
gone in a matter of days, our candles will remain on their mantle, desk or windowsill for months.

Nearly all of our fundraising partners choose to add a label that reminds customers of their connection to you. This not only helps improve your sales, but also increases customer loyalty. Even better, it’s included free of charge!

We provide each sales person with a “sales kit” that includes a set of ten tea-lights so that customers can see and smell exactly what they are ordering. We even provide extra motivation by letting successful sellers earn the right to keep their samples at no charge!

We provide beautiful custom brochures that include information about your organization, helping to tell your story to potential customers as they  consider supporting you.

We are happy to work with any size organization, large or small.

Your profit is normally 45-50% of sales, or $9.90-$11 per candle.

Our jar return incentive is unique in the candle business. We offer an in-store credit when a customer brings back a used jar and lid to our store. Our jars have been rated for over a thousand re-burns and we like to help our customers keep things out of the landfills.

We purchase all of our supplies here in the United States: the glass is custom made by Anchor Hocking in Ohio, the soy wax is purchased from local wax factories and we hand pour everything right here in Franklin, Indiana. In an era of declining job markets, Middle Davids Candles has created jobs in our community and supports the small businesses of over 50 artists in our retail store.


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