Thanks for checking out Middle Davids Artisan Candle Fundraising!

My name is Tauria Catlin and I’m the President of Middle Davids. I’m here to tell you a little more about our fundraising opportunity.

We’re a family business located in Franklin, Indiana. Our company was started in 2002 by my husband Dan and his father David as a way to help students accomplish big dreams. It’s a very simple process.

Our business focuses on being as “green” as possible. We have almost zero trash, which is an exceptional feat when you consider we are a manufacturing facility. Our soy wax is created from soybeans, a renewable resource grown right here in the US, whereas paraffin candles are made with a by-product of the petroleum refining process. All the ingredients in our candles come from the US and, in keeping with our efforts to protect the environment, we offer a $2.50 in-store credit for returned jars and lids. Some of you might not be local to Franklin; however, we’ve had people bring jars back to the store from as far away as Virginia.

You will be selling soy candles and wax melts. The candles are our 13 ounce size and burn for approximately 60-70 hours. They sell for $20.00. The wax melt variety packs are grouped into two categories: bakery/fruit and clean/floral. Each pack contains two each of six different fragrances in those categories. These packs sell for $12.00 each. Your profit will be $9.00 for each candle and $5.40 for each wax melt pack.

Each participant will purchase a tea light kit for $10.00 or can choose to sell using the brochure only. The tea lights are each marked with the scent name on the bottom and are made in the same color and fragrance as the actual candles and wax melts. The kits are a great sales aid—it’s very easy to simply open the container and ask your customer “Which fragrance do you like best?” Believe me, people are very happy to give their opinions on candle fragrances! Once they have chosen their favorite and selected a candle and/or wax melt pack, all you have to do is ask, “How many would you like?”

Collect the money from each customer at the time they order, and only in checks written to you or in cash. Our goal is to have our fundraiser cost you nothing out-of-pocket, so getting paid at the time of selection is an easy way for you to avoid having to pay for unclaimed candles.

We believe in getting the most money in your account, so we’ve chosen to cut out the unnecessary prizes, and give you the best profit per sale that we can. However, we do offer you the incentive of earning the tea light kits. If you sell 12 items, we’ll credit your order for the $10 you paid for the kit.

You will sell until the Order Day set for your group. On Order Day (or prior to that if you know you’re done selling), enter and pay for your order online and we’ll deliver or ship your order to your next group meeting, depending on how many candles were sold. If you decide that you aren’t interested in selling and would like to return your kit, please send your kit back to our store and we’ll refund your money.

If there are any questions, our contact information is on the back of the brochure or on our website. Please feel free to call/email and we’ll get right back to you.

Best of luck with your sales!


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