Exclusive Lime Gift Set


This beautiful gift pack contains all hand-made items.  The wallet’s quilted envelope-style design has a velcro closure and coordinating interior fabric as well as an attached key ring.  This one-size-fits-all essential oil diffuser bracelet has faceted clear beads, lime green and gold beads, lava beads for holding the oil and delicate orange/green beads.  The Coconut Lime Verbena scent description can be found in our candle section.

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Our line of Exclusive Gift Sets each include a wallet handmade by Sleeping Dogs Studio in Bloomington, IN; an essential-oil diffuser bracelet hand crafted by Queen Bee Designs of Columbus, IN; along with one of our hand poured Middle Davids votive candles.  Each of these products is made one at a time by the artist.  You’ll never find any combination like this one!