Midas Glass Angel Style G


Each angel is hand crafted by Michael Bell using a unique combination of colors.  These beautiful angels are designed as suncatchers or ornaments, with a loop built in for hanging.

Approximately 3-4″ long, as these are each handmade, the size can differ.

Midas Glass is the studio name for Michael Bell & Danielle Bachant-Bell. Mike is the glassworker, and combines many years of experience, prodigious skill and a fine sense of artistry to produce works of finely crafted works of blown glass using the “Lampwork” technique.

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Michael Bell began lampworking in 1988. After apprenticing with the Warner family for several years, he set up his own studio in 1995. Although commonly known as glassblowing or handblown glass, the historically accurate term for the craft is lampworking.  This glassworking method from the thirteenth century used an oil lamp accelerated by a foot bellows to heat and shape glass.  Flameworking is the modern term that best describes this technique. Pieces are made using borosilicate glass rod, tubing, and frit, formed in a propane and oxygen torch.  Color is added to the work by a combination of traditonal Venetian and contemporary encasing techniques.  Flame atmosphere and kiln processes also effect color change and finish.  The finishing process for some pieces may include a kiln-fired luster or gold leaf, and all are kiln annealed for durability.