Tiny Delights Self-Care Package: Miracles


Send a little pick-me-up to your favorite person! This self-care package contains a 6-pack of our famous Mackinaw Lilac tea lights and a “Believe in Miracles”  design Charm Bowl from Basic Spirit.

What a great way to brighten someone’s day!

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Our care packages are designed to bring a burst of happiness to the recipient–whether that be a friend, family member or just a way to brighten your own day!  In our Tiny Delights packs, we’ve combined some of our hand poured tea light packs with boxed pewter Charm Bowls from Basic Spirit.

We have other combinations in our Tiny Delights series and also have two other lines of Self-Care packages:  our Gemstone and Woodland Treasure series.  Both of these sets are available in a variety of scents and styles.

No matter the occasion, our care packages will serve cheerful smiles and happiness all year long!