Pottery Tiny Bottle-Purple


This lovely bottle has a beautiful purple satin glaze with cute buttons. It is approximately 4 inches tall and 2.5 inches round.
Handmade on the potter’s wheel, it can hold flowers, saki or whatever you may need to store or simply sit on the shelf brightening your day.
Makes a wonderful gift–perfect for new moms who will be receiving many dandelion bouquets!
Dishwasher and microwave safe.
*As is the nature of handmade work, measurements are approximate. There can be slight variations in glaze color and size from pot to pot and how each piece reads on your computer monitor.

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Simple, elegant and fun handmade pottery and sculpture made by Bloomington potter, Rebecca Lowery.

Her Artist Statement: ¬†Handmade functional items are the most sensual objects of art you can own. A mug, for instance, is a very intimate object. You take sustenance from it. You caress it with the most sensitive receptors in your hands and fingertips. You place your lips softly on its rim. It’s a very personal item. So, if you choose to use handmade functional items, art is an intimate part of your life and it enhances your experience with the simple joy of a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa.

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