Sleeping Dogs Studio Wallet, Style K


This keychain wallet, like all items created by Sleeping Dogs Studio, is one-of-a-kind, and handmade in their studio in Bloomington, Indiana. It is made of two types of premiere, 100% cotton, and filled with a fleece lining to make it soft to carry. A decorative hand-sewn button adds the final touch.

Approximately 5″ wide X 4″ tall, a strap securely holds a key ring; and velcro ensures that your payment cards or cash stay safely inside. For a quick trip to the store, yoga, or the coffee shop, this wallet is your perfect companion!

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Over the last ten years, the hand-crafted items produced at Sleeping Dogs Studio have been a unique alternative for art objects and paper-crafts throughout the Midwest. Every item is one-of-a-kind. Sleeping Dogs Studio is located in the university town of Bloomington, Indiana, where owners Don and Carolyn Madvig have lived with their son and “sleeping dogs” for the last twenty-one years.  As their motto states:  “All made One-of-a-kind, One-at-a-time!”