Welcome Student Travelers!

Middle Davids Artisan Candles was formed in 2002 for the express purpose of helping students like you go on amazing international adventures! We’d love to continue that heritage by helping you make your trip more affordable.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Click on the “How Our Fundraisers Work” button to learn more about our program, product, and profits. You can always refer back to this document with any questions—there’s a lot of information in it!
  2. Order your tea light sales kit or brochure here (Click here to order kit) to get started.
  3. Sell until your Order Day, which is determined by your leader, then submit your order online here (Click here to place your final candle order).  The prices on the Order Form are the wholesale price rather than the price you charge your customers ($11.00 per jar candle rather than $20.00, and $6.60 per wax melt pack rather than $12.00). You pay us the discounted price and keep the rest as your profits.
  4. We will either deliver or ship the candles to your group’s next meeting, depending on how many were sold.

You can always contact us with any questions.

Phone: 317-738-3886

Email: candles@MiddleDavids.com


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